Finbar O’Neill’s Real Estate Biography

Throughout his life, Finbar O’Neill has always put 100% into everything he has attempted. Whether it is hunting, supporting his favorite sports teams, or at work, Finbar is always trying his hardest and doing everything he can to make sure that he is able to succeed. Finbar decided to make real estate development his career after studying construction technology while at Dungannon Technical College in Ireland. He has supplemented his initial education by studying project management systems since then and continues to use computers to enhance his education and to train in said project management systems.

Finbar O’Neill and the O’Neill Group


When Finbar O’Neill emigrated to the United States of America he knew that he wanted to work in the real estate and construction business. Finbar wanted to build quality homes for people that would not only serve the buyers needs, but would also serve to help the community by increasing overall property values and by adding a sense of beauty to the community. In the year 2000 Finbar started the company that would set him on the path to success, The O’Neill Group based in Hackensack, New Jersey. The O’Neill Group’s primary objective is to acquire properties and bring added value to properties to achieve their highest and best use. Finbar has completed projects around the world and is committed to excellence in the construction industry.

As Director of Operations, Finbar O’Neill is in charge of overseeing all construction and development for the O’Neill Group. He manages the due diligence, the acquisitions, the designs, the financing, approving, and the marketing for all development projects the O’Neill Group undertakes. Since the O’Neill group deals with properties ranging from large-scale condominiums to small-scale single family homes, Finbar is experienced in all types of real estate development for a variety of different structures and clients.

Finbar O’Neill and the O’Neill Group have been in charge of developing properties of all sizes. One of the most impressive works that they have completed is a 150,000 square foot luxury condo based in East Orange, NJ. This project included extensive site work, a redesign, and paving of the parking area. All units have high-end finishes including hardwood floors throughout with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Another example of the work that the O’Neill Group does can be seen in Wappinger Falls. The O’Neill Group was called in to build 24 rental townhouses in a newly constructed cul-de-sac. Finbar was in charge of the 12 two-bedroom and 12 3-bedroom houses and succeeded spectacularly.